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Related post: Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 21:14:10 -0700 (PDT) From: Justin Elizalde Subject: Quarterback Love 2I thank all the readers that sent me emails over Chapter 1! This really helped me in writing this chapter. It helped me perfect it a little. Thank you bbs 13 year porno all again.This story contains sexual bbs lilitas bbs encounters with underage boys. If this offends you or you are underage please lesbian panties bbs leave. Otherwise, Enjoy! Any comments or suggestions please email me jje1215yahoo.comQuarterback cp bbs guestbook Love Chapter 2The rest of the week went uneventful. It seemed as if Thursday would never arrive. Tuesday was the first time Brad talked to Jesse after their little meeting in the school parking russian adult bbs lot. They really did't make much conversation as it was passing peirod and Brad had to get half way across the school to his gym class. Wednesday came and went in a blink. Brad and Jesse just would nod to each other in the halls. Everyday during lunch, Brad bbs porn movies links would look over to see Jesse. He wondered."Should I come out to him?""What if he doesn't accept me?""What if he spills my secret?"These questions teenfuns bbs kept running through his mind all the way up to Thursday. Jesse wasn't at the lunch table where he usually sat and this worried him. He just guessed that Jesse was doing some make-up assignments. After all he bbs for hidden links was failling English. Third and fouth period went by in a flash. The final bell rang and Brad went out bbs russian beach to the parking lot to put his stuff in his trunk.As he closed the trunk door, Jesse appeared out of nowhere. Brad jumped up so high he swore that bbs sex list probably could of jumped to the moon and back."Geez, warn a guy! Man you made me shit bricks! Haha""Sorry dude! I though you saw me through the glass. I just wanted to check if you were still up for today?""Sure. Just let me go do somethings real quick then I'll be back!""Cool! Hey can i leave my backpack with you? This nudist pedo bbs thing naked young girls bbs is killin' me!""Sure just throw it in the trunk!""Thanks, Dude! See ya later!"Jesse walked back into the school as Brad stepped into the drivers side and turned on the truck.Brad drove rapidy to his house. As usual, his mom was sitting on a leather loveseat in the living room reading a novel from one of the many bookcases that adorn the right wall."Hey, mom! Is it ok if I bring a ls bbs videos friend over? I need to tutor him in English."Brad's mom looked up from her novel bbs sex petite wearing her Chanel glasses and looked him paradise bbs board in the eye."Sure thing, sweetie! Ask him if he wants to stay for dinner, Ok?""Sure, mom! Thanks! Your the best! Well, I'll be back in a little bit because I have to go pick him up from the school. See you in a bit"Brad walked back into the garage free pics bbs model and drove back to the high school. But instead of taking his amateur bbs movie Range Rover, he took his mom's Mercedes-Benz.He pulled into a parking space in the back of the school's gym so that Jesse wouldn't have to walk all the way to the main entrance. Not many cars were there. Only the few parents waiting to pick up their kids. sexo bbs After about 40 minutes he heard the gym doors open.The jocks began to exit like a river rushing to the sea. He tried small bbs to find Jesse in the mass crowd that was bbs oonishi flocking out. He finally found him. He waved at him and he came running, gym bag in hand."Hey dude! Man, Practice was a bitch. Thank god its over! So where is your truck?""Haha! Its right here"He led Jesse to lovely lollita bbs the Mercedes GL-320."Dude! How bbs tgp free many trucks do you have?""Just my Range Rover. This is non nude bbs portal my mom's but i can use it whenever I want. I just bbs tgp child never bring it to school because I'm afraid someone might get jealous and destroy it."The ride back to the house was driven in silence. Until Jesse started rompl kds bbs to make small talk. Then out of the blue, pops out the question Brad was dreading he was going to ask."So you got lol to bbs a girlfriend or what?"Brad cp bbs kds tried to fish out a answer out of his lsm bbs offhost brain quickly enough so that he wouldn't make Jesse suspicious."Naw. Really haven't dated much!""Oh. That's cool. Man, damn Julisa keeps giving me blue balls! I only get a handjob sometimes from her and thats IF i convince her!""Damn, that sucks!" Brad said. He quietly thought to himself."I would love to suck movies porn bbs on those balls of yours!"A half grin appeared on his bbs image forums face. Finally, they bbs sun reached Brad's driveway and pulled into the garage where they were gretted by the garage's roof lights. Brad and bbs boy nude Jesse exited the truck. Brad walked to the trunk and pulled out Jesse's gym bag then went to his truck and got Jesse's backpack. He handed them to Jesse as he opened the door to the house."Hey mom! I'm home!" Brad yelled out as he walked into the living room from the garage."Hi honey! I'm in the kitchen!""Ok mom! we will be upstairs!""Ok! I'll kids porno bbs call teen innocent bbs you when dinner is ready.""Ok, dude. Lets start your tutoring!"A couple of hours passed and then Brad's mom called for them to fotos best piks bbs come down for dinner."Mom, this is Jesse Haverford. I'm tutoring him in English."A smile came across both his mom's and bbs pedo nudist girls Brad's face."What a pleasure to meet you, Jesse! Im so happy to youngest models bbs have you as a guest in our home! Please sit so we can begin dinner!"Everyone sat down at the dinner table. Brad's mom turned to Jesse and said,"Jesse, since you are the guest, would you mind saying grace?""I would be honored!" Jesse xxx bbs forums replied.After grace was said, everyone started to serve themselves. Brad's mom made him all his favorites. Baked chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and a cesear salad for everone. Little converstaion was held as everyone was feasting on the delicious meal. After dinner was finished, Brad's mom went to the kitchen and came back with the most mouth-watering strawbery cake you could set yours on."Wow, mom! We should have guests over porno kdz bbs more often!"Brad looked at Jesse and Jesse just blushed.Desert was finished in a flash. Both boys were stuffed a little more than average. Brad's mom stood and told the boys that they could go back to the room and she would clean up.When the boys reached Brad's bedroom nude schoolgirl bbs a look of panic spread across Jesse's face."Damn! I forgot to call my parents! Its already 9 and they are probably wondering what is taking me so long!"Jesse reached for his cell phone as Brad said,"Well you can spend the night here if you want?""Are you serious? Dude, that would be so awsome!"Brad turned about 4 shades of red and hoped that Jesse didn't notice."Hi mom, It's me! Hey i was wondering can i stay over nude childrens bbs at a friends house?... early girls bbs sven yes, mom. We already had dinner.... Ok Thanks mom!""Well my mom will let me stay but can I go pick up some things?""Ya, sure! Let me just me just get bbs illegal porn the 10 yo bbs nudist keys."Brad got the keys to the Benz and headed out to the garage. Jesse got in and they drove to Jesse's house. The only sound in the car old nude bbs was bbs porn portals the sound of the radio. They finally arrived on the curb to Jesse's home. Jesse got out and raced to the door. Brad saw as he hurried in to get his things.After a few moments, he saw Jesse walk out with a small duffel childrens bbs tgp bag. He went behind the truck and placed his stuff in the trunk. After he closed the door, he came around to the passengers side and buckled up."My mom was like "who is that in the mercedes" , zeps pages bbs and i was like "that's the guy that is tutoring me." She was just ls bbs teens suprised to see a high school student driving boy bbs erect bbs kds real such an expensive truck. haha!"Brad laughed along with Jesse. The conversation ended and the truck was engulfed in silence. The garage door opened and closed after a short while as they made their arrival. The only light on the first floor was the light from the kitchen and the sound of the dishwasher running."Mom must of gone strapon bbs out back for cp bbs gallery something. Lets go up to the room to get ready for bed cause we got school tomorow and you got a English test.""Don't remind me! haha!"The boys climb the flight of stairs and shut the door as the walked into the room. The bed was big enough for the both of them, so Brad saw no sense in setting up a matteress."You don't mind sleeping 14y bbs in russian virgins bbs the bed with me, Right?""Naw, its cool! Hey where is your restroom? i gotta go BAD!!""Down the hall first door to 3d amanda bbs bbs preten porn illegal the left""Thanks!"As Jesse raced down the hall, Brad took the time to set litle nymphs bbs up bbs boy pedo the little melissa bbs torrent bed and organize everything. Jesse finally walked in and he began to strip to get into the bed."You don't mind if I sleep without my underwear right?""ummm... no" Brad said nervously.It was as if the whole world was put in slow motion as he saw Jesse take off his skin-tight black boxers. Man, was he HUNG! He had to of been between 8-9 inches when hard. He turned so he wouldn't get a boner, but he just couldn't tear his eyes away. He turned quickly as he saw Jesse begin to turn."Well, lets get to bed! The sun rises way too quickly!" Brad saidBrad turned off the light and turned zeps bbs list board to his sunbbs nude side of the bed. There was silence in the room until Jesse asked Brad,"So why don't you got a girlfriend?""I guess i really haven't thoguht about dating!""Well your lucky you don't have my girlfriend!"Brad became silent. He finally decided he was going to tell Jesse."Hey, Jes! Can i tell you something?""Sure what?""Well its... never mind, its stupid!""No! Tell top 100 bbs sex me, please! Come beast pass bbs on its not like your gonna come out and say that you like wet the bed photo free bbs porn or something!""Well. I hate that it's so complicated to zeps adult bbs list put it into young bbs teens words that could make everything so simple.""Well don't think about it just say it. I'll understand. I may young teens bbs be dumb in English but im smart in a WHOLE lot of other things. Not including sports!""Forget it. Im jsut gonna say child board bbs it. Jesse, I'm Gay! I've know i was gay for a while and since i realized it, i also realized that I had the biggest crush on you."Silence filled the room. Brad guessed that Jesse was going to get teen bbs kds up and get all his things and leave. Wrong!"Dude are you serious!""How more serious can a person chinese bbs porn get?!" Brad said with a slight ls young bbs blog chuckle"Man, i am gay too! I just stayed with whats-her-face because I had to keep my image up! Man, if only you would of told me hot cp bbs bbs angel ls model sooner! I've had board3 bbs ls a crush on too! HOLY SHIT!""Wow! So does anyone other than 12 yo bbs models me japanese tits bbs know""Just my sister, you?""Nope your the bbs sex young first"Brad never expected what Jesse was going to do next. Jesse reached across the bbs dark angels bed and kissed him right on the lips!"Jesse... I.... uhhh""Dont say a word. I just want to kiss you so much!!""Oh God! Yes" Brad ls top bbs thought. All his wonders and worries were all answered in that one kiss. He let his hands roam across the nude body of this greek god. His body was full of muscles that were constantly flexing as he kissed Brad. Both boys were in exstacy as passion rose. teens bbs forum Jesse reached for the waistband to Brad's boxers and slipped them off in one easy 12yo rompl bbs move. He flicked them to the floor at the foot of the bed. Jesse began rubbing Brad's cock to get it to full mast. Brad returned the favor to Jesse. Both boys were well endowed. Brad with 9 1/2 and Jesse with 8 inches.Jesse began to give Brad the best vlad girls bbs blowjob of tiny bbs pics porn his life. Brad was in absolute heaven, but what his heart really desired was to make love to Jesse in the best way possible."Ok. Enought foreplay!" Brad saidHe turned Jesse over on his back annd reached for a bottle of lube from the cornertable. He lubed up the thick piece of meat standing at full mast in between Jesse's two littles models bbs beautifully strong thighs that Zues himself would be jealous of.He lowered himself onto Jesse's member genlty and slowly.He could feel the pressure of Jesse's head pass through the spichnter. ls kid bbs Pain seared through his body as the shaft continued its invasion of Brad's hole. He felt Jesse's pubic hair brush his ass cheeks and stayed motionless to allow his body to adjust to the length and girth of his cock. Jesse threw his head back in pleasure and arched his back."Calm down! i don't want you to cum just yet!" Brad bbs toplist ilegal exclaimed. He illegal angel bbs slowly started to raise his body up just enough so that the head would not pop out. Once again he felt the pain as before but now it hardcore bbs cp was just a dull ache and it was quickly replaced with pleasure. He started to pick up spped ad Jesse began to meet his thrusts. Waves of pleasure were constantly being sent up his body as Jesse's member bbs girlies poked at his prostate. Brad bent down and gave Jesse a gentle but romantic elwebbs bbs svens place kiss. The kiss was vut short as he could feel his balls starting to churn and prepare for his orgasm. Jesse felt the same home bbs teens and increased his speed."Wait i want to taste you in my mouth. Can't let my ass have all the fun!"The boys quickly switched into a 69 position and resumed their love-making. About 5 minutes russian bbs girls later, Jesse gave bbs images a low, animalistic growl and started to fuck Brad's face as shot bbs pass rate after shot of semen was being released into his awaiting mouth. Brad did the same as his orgasm began sex manga bbs to take full force. Brad didn't shoot as much as Jesse, but just the pleasure is what made him feel on top of the world."Damn! Now that is what you call sex!" Jesse said with a laugh. Brad joined in the laughter.After there climax came to a end, they both go under the comforter to go to bed for the next day. Jesse drapped his arm across Brad's stomch and pulled him in close. He nuzzeld his real teens bbs neck for a little and Brad started to laugh from the tickling sensation. Jesse finally started to drift off into sleep and kidz pedo bbs russia Brad though to himself, "this is the first part of a wonderful relationship!"Well, readers! I hope cute teens bbs you enjoyed it. It had taken a LONG time to be produced but i finally got it done. I had everything saved on my desktop then i got a laptop so i transfered everything,but still, 12year old model bbs with work and my life. It has been a difficult journey. If anyone has any comments and suggestions for Chapter 3, fell free to email me at and put the story's title in the subject line.
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